Tuesday, 11 October 2011


So I've had a really busy summer and kind of neglected my blog, mainly because i've just been "TOO BUSY TO BLOG"

However i thought i'd share with you some of the fruits of my labour, in the main being 2 shiny new editions of FROM DUSK 2 DAWN magazine with their new FASHION EDITOR!! WINK WINK

Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy!!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


So the summer has begun and i've managed to get an internship with FROM DUSK 2 DAWN magazine. I will be mainly taking on the role and  responsibilities of Fashion Editor, as well as looking after the magazines social media profile.


Express, Collaborate, Create. Its all about the art!
From Dusk 2 Dawn is a creative independent platform for creative's to express themselves, collaborate and create. We currently run two art publications in Leicester and Derby and have a localised creative network on fd2d.com that reaches round the world, spreading our love and creativity. Anyone and everyone artistic is welcome to get involved, musicians, visual artists, wordsmiths, illustrators, designers, video and multimedia producers, basically anyone who like to get creative!!

From Dusk 2 Dawn has a open door philosophy where everyone is well to express, collaborate and create. We love art and want to spread creative talent and love around the world.

To get involved you can and keep upto date you can:

Set up your own PROFILE on - www.fd2d.com

Like us on FACEBOOK and join our group - 

Follow us on TWITTER@FD2Dmagazine

Monday, 11 April 2011


Coture Coke, Diet Chanel? Hardly, but for those of you who did not know Designer Karl Lagerfeld drinks Diet Coke day and night mainly out of a Lalique crystal goblet. With this in mind the cheif designer has recently worked on a set of lited edition coke bottles for his favourite tipple.

Your drink sir.....
The designs are mainly pink, white and black and have a pop art feel to them.

Inspiration for the design comes from the diet coke puppets, Bernadette, Eleanor and Irene. (It wasnt to long ago that singer Duffy was dropped by the brand for these girls)

As well as  cool and contemporary look to the bottles, there was the added bonus of Karl shooting the campaign using models Coco Rocha, Heidi Mount and Jeneil Williams.

Speaking about the collabaration he said

"It was pure pleasure to do a campaign with people I like and for a product I love"

To be served with ice and crystal goblet in June of this year.

Saturday, 9 April 2011


A living exhibition presented by Laura Jean Woolley is a thought provoking example of 'live fine art'. Through the use of drama, technology and participation you are encouraged to understand the importance and meaning of the LIFE... Campaigns.

The Participants are to have an active role within the campaigns and this is done through the completion of simple activities or instructions that provoke thought whilst being carried out. Being involved also adds to the experience and makes you feel as though you are helping to make change as well as raising awareness.




The names of the installation spark  intrigue and as you embark on your own personal journey, it goes deep. The installations were artistic, imaginative and inspiring. A truly welcomed and refreshing offering of things to come on the emerging Arts and culture scene in the Midlands. Keep your eyes peeled for more from   Laura Jeane Woolley in the not to distant future.



Friday, 8 April 2011


70 Today! Lets us look back and commemorate this occasion.

Vivienne Westwood became involved in fashion organically in the late 70’s. To this day She has made vast contributions, to fashion and the enviroment and to this day her work continues.

1976 was considered a crucial point in fashion 
as Westwood’s involvement in punk fashion seemed to change the direction of a whole generation, 
it was also at this time that McLaren was 
managing the punk band the ‘The Sex Pistols’. McLaren asked Westwood to dress the pistols, the style was greeted with a cult status and there 
was an instant demand for the punk clothing, so much so that the store at 430 kings road had its name changed from ‘SEX’ which at the time was selling rubber and bondage wear to a more 
suitable “SEDITIONARIES”. 

The store was a huge success indeed  and Westwood still owns the store to this day and has had it’s name changed again in 1980 to ‘WORLDS END’ which continues to sell interesting and sought after garments to a wide range of customers that travel from near and far.

Vivienne Westwood’s long list of other achievements include her being crowned British designer of the year three times in 1990, 1991 and then again in 2006 for her out outstanding contribution to and influence on British fashion. In 1992 she also received an OBE which was a memorable occasion, partly due to her accidently exposing herself to the Queen. In 2003 Westwood was awarded the UK Fashion Export Award for Design and 2004 saw the Vivienne Westwood retrospective opens at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Westwood also became a member of the board of trustees for Liberty in 2005. In 2006 she had her ‘OBE’ upgraded and she received her ‘DBE’ – now making her a Dame. More recently she was asked to re-design the BRIT AWARD for the 2011 ceremony owing to her attitude, creativity and association with all things British echoing what the awards stand for.

with so many achievements to date its hard not to view Dame Vivienne Westwood as probably one of the most influential women in Britain. Bearing in mind her origins and the way in which she became involved in fashion, self-taught she has excelled and has continued to grow in all areas of her work.  Her name is known globally and her work iconic, she has literally dressed millions. She has equally put huge amount of effort in to saving what’s left of the planet and helping the less fortunate through her charity work. 


Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I'm one for fashion with a cause, especially when it's FOR charity. High Street giants H&M have had previous collaborations with DESIGNERS AGAINST AIDS in seasons gone by.

This spring FASHION AGAINST AIDS delivers an attractive star studded treat as they've bought in some stylish celebrities to help with the designing. 

So we see the likes of the SCISSOR SISTERS,KERI HILSON, AKON & THE MISSHAPES to name but a few all contributing to this tasty selection!





As Well as updating your wardrobe with key peices for spring/summer, this clothing also carries a message! 

If like me your itching to take a closer the look the range is set to hit stores and be available on line from the 26th April 2011 with 25% of all sales being donated to HIV and AIDS prevention projects.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Flicking through stacks of books in the library i came across this shiny silver book with day-glo pink graffiti scrawled across the front of it. Intrigued i took a seat an i clearly wasn't prepared for what i was about to see....
Stephen Sprouse was a huge Fashion Designer in the 80's. As i turned the pages i was presented with bright, bold, punkish, pop creations - The actual stuff my dreams are made of.  I instantly fell in Love with his work. Many say he was designing ahead of his time and i totally agree. His earlier creations would not look out of place worn today.

Influential on the New York Punk scene and friends with legends like Andy Warhol i instantly felt i wanted to know more.

Benjamin, Julie Anne and Nick Rhodes, Andy Warhol, and Stephen Sprouse

Every page the excitement built. I then came across one of his muses, Debbie Harry (BLONDIE) who he designed for on and off the stage.

Much later in his career (2001) he collaborated with none other than Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton. Stephen is the man reasponsable for the iconic Louis Vuitton Graffiti that we know and love. It was received with acclaim and even now still influences design and holds a place in current fashion.

What's in your bag Marc?
A Shop front for the launch.
Examples of how the SPROUSE print for LV was used
Then in 2006 & 2008 Sprouse's graffiti Leopard print was used in Louis Vuitton's Autumn/Winter collections. It sold out everywhere and was seen constanly draped on Fashionista's and Celeb's.

This man is a legend in his own right and i would urge anyone to take a little time out find out a bit more about him. As i read on i felt a small amount guilt that i never knew of his existence up until now, and was sadden to find that he passed away in March 2004.

RIP STEPHEN SPROUSE - 12/9/53 - 4/3/2004


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